Julie Ann Smith, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

August 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Julie Ann Smith

Submitted by patient's family

We would like to nominate Julie Ann Smith for the Golden ROSE Award. We found Dr. Smith on the OHSU website when we were searching for an oral surgeon to treat our son, and we couldn't be more delighted by her caring demeanor clinical competence and accessibility.

We were told when our son was 6 years old that he may eventually need oral surgery to correct a congenital problem with his jaw. His jaw, upper and lower, grew at different rates such that at age 20 only two teeth met when he bit into food. Dr. Smith and her team were extraordinary from the time we met. They spent plenty of time discussing the procedure to correct the jaw misalignment, potential complications, recovery and pain.

Our son required orthodontic treatment up until nine months before the surgical procedure. We were told that the surgeon and the orthodontist would need to work cooperatively. Because he is a student in Chicago and would be seeing an orthodontist there, we thought the coordination of care would be a logistical obstacle. Dr. Smith told us not to worry; she would find a way to work with his orthodontist from 2,000 miles away. Over the next nine months Dr. Smith coordinated his care with our son's orthodontists in Chicago through phone calls and emails and we were delighted.

As the date of our son's surgury was approaching, Dr. Smith was accessible to all of us. She provided her cell phone number and email address and told us to contact her if we had any questions. An email sent to her at 8pm would come back with a reply by the time we awoke. John and Dr. Smith would occasionally strike up a phone and email conversations to discuss his post op progress and if something required immediate attention, Dr. Smith would contact the orthodontist in Chicago and arrange for him to be seen. Our son is very much at ease with Dr. Smith and as parents that gives us such tremendous relief.

Earlier this year, our son had the surgery to correct his jaw misalignment. He was in the operating room almost 10 hours. Despite the pain, chewing difficulties and other discomforts, he expresses no regrets and is very pleased with his new bite.