Amanda Skinner, 6C, Operating Room /South Surgery

February 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Amanda Skinner

Amanda Skinner is the Service Coordinator in South OR. She is the model of a nurse leader. She is committed to patient care and takes ownership over her service going above and beyond the call of duty. We are going through LEAN transformation in SOR and instituting standard work to improve processes and increase patient satisfaction. Amanda is taken this to heart and is leading the charge amongst her peers to create standard work for herself. She truly understands process improvement and is able to look at care in our department in a global way. Her effect on patients is immeasurable. Amanda is truly an inspirational leader in the department.  She always has the patient as her focus.  She reaches out to her physician and nurse partners, gives feedback, and welcomes others to give her feedback, which can be very difficult to do.  One of the things that are most wonderful about Amanda is that she doesn't get stuck with the black and white that others often crave.  She understands that the relationships we have with our patients and between colleagues and interdisciplinary team members are crucial to patient safety and service excellence. She aims to challenge and be challenged in the name of excellence in care and work ethic.          

Submitted by Kirsten Lund, 6C, Operating Room /South Surgery