Hillary Regan, Public Health and Preventive Medicine

July 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Hillary Regan

Submitted by William Lambert, John Stull, & Valerie King, Public Health and Preventive Medicine

It is our privilege and honor to nominate Hillary Regan for the OHSU Golden Rose Award. She is a career employee at OHSU with 17 years of service, including residency coordinator positions in Neurology and Neuroradiology. Over the past two years, Hillary has served as the Administrative Coordinator for Preventive Medicine Residency Program in the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. In that capacity she has completely transformed the organization and documentation processes for the residency in ways that have greatly improved the residents' training experiences and the efficiency and effectiveness of Program leadership.

Of particular importance, since August 2012, Hillary has shown extraordinary commitment to our Department and its residency program, as she stepped up to cover many of the extra administrative duties associated with the sudden unexpected medical leave of our Program Director, Dr. John Stull. While Hillary is always hardworking and dedicated, she agreed to take on this extra work and increase her hours from half-time to full-time. With great enthusiasm and energy, she supported residency faculty on the leadership team (Drs. Val King, Linda Humphrey, Sherril Gelmon, Robyn Liu and William Lambert) who covered the many aspects of training to our eight residents.

The work of sustaining high-quality individualized training, particularly under new and changing requirements of the ACGME and the American Board of Preventive Medicine, is anything but trivial. This was an especially challenging time with many details to manage. Hillary did not drop a single ball in this juggling act – not one. She acted as an expert liaison with ACGME on reporting and addressing changes in compliance requirements. This included implementing the new national "milestones" approach to competency-based learning. Ms. Regan was invaluable in bringing evaluation options for consideration to our Interim Program Director, Dr. Robyn Liu. In addition to dealing with unexpected transitions in leadership and new Program requirements, Hillary provided essential support to our residents and faculty to complete extra residency activities as part of a HRSA-funded training grant. In particular, she served as the primary administrative organizer for planning, coordinating, and producing multiple residency-sponsored half-day Health Policy Symposia. She also conducted the majority of communication activities with the HRSA project officers, including all the information and materials for several "virtual" site visits and progress meetings.

Our customers are the Preventive Medicine residents and the Program faculty, both within OHSU and at numerous training sites across the state. Residents regularly praise Hillary's never-ending patience in supporting their learning and administrative needs, often noting her wealth of knowledge, quick response, and attention to detail. In our view, their residency training, and potentially their careers, were at some jeopardy during Dr. Stull's leave, and without Hillary's commitment and dedication, we could not have met our promise to provide them with high quality training. Hillary can and should be proud of the good work that our graduates achieve. She regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty. When a resident recently was having a family emergency and needed to study for a course exam, Hillary watched her infant on a Saturday just so that the resident could do well in the course.

Hillary takes exceptional pride in her work. She is very intelligent, thoughtful, and organized. She has instituted multiple improvements not only for our Preventive Medicine Residency but also for our Department's protocols for managing graduate education. Her initiative to see what needs to be done and to identify efficient ways to accomplish those tasks is remarkable. This mindfulness also extends to self-improvement. Over the past year, Hillary has been enrolled in GME's Program Coordinator Professional Development Program, attaining the Bronze Level certification last December. Currently, she is halfway through the requirements for the Silver Level. Her achievement and experience are highly valued, and we understand that she is under consideration to be an instructor in that program.

Thankfully, Dr. Stull's recovery is going very well, and he has returned to his position as Program Director. He is grateful to his faculty colleagues for maintaining the many education programs which he has nurtured. That said, the largest part of our debt of gratitude for getting us through the past year goes to Hillary, who shouldered so much and always ensured the we met our commitments to provide our Preventive Medicine residents with excellent training. Hillary is the kind of behind-the-scene "gems" who make OHSU a great organization with a reputation for providing excellent graduate training that is recognized as among the best in the country.