Public Health & Preventive Medicine

November 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Marie Payment, Jennifer Verbeck and Katherine (Kate) Garvey: Public Health & Preventive Medicine

L to R: Katherine Garvey - Jennifer Verbeck - Marie Payment 

Submitted by Dennis McCarty and Traci Rieckmann, Public Health & Preventive Medicine

Beginning in October 2012, Marie Payment, Jennifer Verbeck and Katherine (Kate) Garvey coordinated and organized a national conference (the 2013 Addiction Health Services Research Conference) hosted by four OHSU programs addressing alcohol and drug use disorders: Northwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center, Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center, Portland Alcohol Research Center, and the Western States Node of the Clinical Trials Network.

The 250 conference participants praised the conference organization and were amazed by the sunny and warm October weather in Portland (October 23 to 25, 2013). Marie, Jennifer and Kate handled all the details. Marie managed the conference budget and worked closely with the Benson Hotel and the Portland Art Museum to assure appropriate space, catering, and rooms for participants. Jennifer handled registrations, fees and collections.

Kate coordinated the conference program and review of abstracts. The group also arranged travel for plenary speakers, managed the conference website and staffed the meetings. The successful conference reflected the time, energy and dedication they invested during the yearlong planning and implementation period. Each went beyond their job descriptions working extra hours to assure a seamless event perfectly organized. They deserve Golden ROSE recognition.