Rachael Postman, Family Medicine, Richmond Clinic

November 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Rachael Postman

Submitted by Sreevalli Atluru, Family Medicine, Richmond Clinic

Rachael is one of the valuable nurses at our Richmond Clinic. Since the clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Center, many of our patients have difficulty accessing fresh and affordable, high-quality vegetables and fruits, to make nutritious meals.

Rachael took it upon herself to contact several local farmers to find one willing to come to our clinic and set up a farm stand. Luckily one farmer has been coming for the past year to our clinic and setting up a farm stand with fresh fruits (when in season) and affordable vegetables once a week on Tuesday (same day as OHSU farmer's market). This is Rachael's personal goal and went above and beyond her duty to set up this farm stand for our most vulnerable patients. For this, she deserves a Golden ROSE award.