Paige Schmidt, School of Dentistry

October 2014 Golden Rose Recipient


Submitted by an OHSU employee

My young child was seen in the Doernbecher surgery clinic for a very sensitive surgery with one doctor and tooth extractions with Dr. Paige Schmidt. We received outstanding care from both providers but Dr. Schmidt was amazing as both a dentist and a child behaviorist. She was with my family for the better part of six hours. We arrived at our scheduled time, but were told the surgery had been delayed. We went next door and checked in with Dr. Schmidt. She jumped at the opportunity to get started with the X-rays. She developed a rapport with my child quickly which she would need later. My child is cognitively delayed and I knew we were going to have a hard time getting him to sit still for the IV placement. I didn’t anticipate he would try to make a run for the exit when his sibling left. I was not able to retain him and he was flailing and wailing. I was able to get him to the floor in the hall and tried all my techniques of deep breathing and deep massaging. Dr. Schmidt heard the commotion and came out of her office and immediately to my aid. She talked softly in his ear and calmed him down. This became important after surgery as well. When my son awoke, he did so quickly and before they could get him medicated. Dr. Schmidt came right over again and held his arms and head talking softly in his ear. Dr. Schmidt stayed with us until we got my son calmed down and in a private area. When we finally left at about 7 pm, Dr. Schmidt was there to say good-bye. I knew there was a reason I loved OHSU so much! It was not a perfect “OHSU” day. There were a few hiccups, but even these were dealt with well. Thank you for all the great care my family continues to receive at OHSU.