Trevor O’Neal - Registered Nurse, Emergency Department

April 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Trevor O’Neal - Registered Nurse, Emergency Department

Emergency Department registered nurse Trevor recently showed how treating a patient with compassion and respect not only improves the patient's care, but also improves how the Emergency Department functions.

When patients present to the Emergency Department experiencing a psychiatric crisis, having the patient wear paper scrubs increases the safety of the patient, the medical team, public safety officers and other patients and visitors to the Emergency Department. Getting a patient-in-crisis to comply with this request can be a source of great conflict.

By explaining how changing into scrubs is intended to improve the patient's care, and by asking for (not demanding) cooperation, Trevor calmly and politely made the patient a willing participant in the process. When the patient had changed into the scrubs, Trevor sincerely expressed his thanks and appreciation to the patient.

By using his head and his heart, Trevor made a troubled patient feel respected and cared for, at the same time he maintained peace in the Emergency Department, and the safety of everyone in it.

Submitted by a patient