Sandra Morales, Facilities and Logistics

February 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Sandra Morales

Sandra goes above and beyond in the work that she does in our offices. She actively works to build relationships by greeting the office staff with a warm "hello" and a smile every day. She takes extra care while vacuuming and asks if she can shut doors to not disturb working team members and quietly reopens doors when she has completed her tasks. She even has brightened our bathrooms and common areas with some hand created crafts and a small whiteboard that lets us know when the next office cleaning is. In addition, she offered to bring some confidential bins for personal desk spaces when she noticed items that may contain confidential information on them while emptying recycle containers, showing concern for protecting personal information used by our team. One employee summed up well what many of us in the department feel about Sandra, "She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude while she is attending to her duties, I look forward to always seeing or just hearing her while she is in our building. She shows a great example on how to have an excellent work ethic!" It seems we are a little more aware of our work space too and take more care in making sure we are not leaving a mess for her to take care of, so she is helping us be more accountable. We appreciate her commitment to our work space and we look forward to seeing her smiling face on the afternoons that she visits us!

Submitted by Cindy Koonz on behalf of the Emergency Medicine staff