Stacie Mishler, Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center

August 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Stacie Mishler

Submitted by Dylan Lerch

I and another OHSU Police Officer were dispatched to do a welfare check on a female outside of Physician's Pavilion. During the course of our investigation it became apparent that the individual we were dealing with was having some kind of mental health crisis. She stated several times that she wanted to go to the Emergency Department for evaluation, but only if a female would walk with her. We had no female officers to accommodate her wish.

This is when Stacie stepped in. She had been a bystander, and had noticed the female escalating her behavior. Stacie volunteered to walk with us over to the Emergency Department and even told me she would stay as long as needed once we had arrived there. I was impressed to see an otherwise uninvolved OHSU employee step up to assist us in that situation.