Phyllis Lee, 6C, Operating Room, South Surgery

March 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Phyllis Lee

I'm writing this to commend Phyllis Lee's excellent work as a circulator RN. Recently, our first patient of the day was very medically complicated and required a high degree of attention. Upon our arrival to the OR, Phyllis was immediately attentive and supportive and was not distracted by any other tasks. She focused on the patient: She assisted us in the PACU to get the patient settled and didn't leave until it was clear he was on a positive trajectory. I greatly appreciated her willingness to help me orient our elderly and somewhat delirious patient. She helped me care for the patient rather than ending her role as soon as the bed was parked. After that first case of the day, I was paged urgently to the PACU for another patient I ran to the room with drugs in hand. As we were assessing the patient and reading his EKG, Phyllis walked by and could see that there were three RNs, myself and my attending all at the patient's bedside. She took time to stop, enter the room, and ask how she could help. I was incredibly appreciative of this spontaneous gesture to help the team. It has been my experience that the circulator RN sets the tone in the room for the day, and I greatly appreciated Phyllis' calm, positive attitude. Phyllis is very deserving of a Golden ROSE.        

Submitted by a colleague