Keith Waters, Clinical Technology Services

July 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Keith Waters, July 2014

Nomination submitted by David Quitmeyer, Respiratory Care Services

Keith always goes above and beyond the duty for our department. He quickly fixes broken items, assembles our new products, and always offers great suggestions for process improvement. Most of all, he always does it with a smile. Keith is a shining example of the excellent level of service that OHSU takes pride providing, and he should be acknowledged for his dedication to always doing a great job. Keith is so fast with his great service, and it always amazes me. I was planning a project to label power cords for ventilators (life support equipment), and I consulted with Keith to see if he know of any existing items which would work, or if there would be any violations of laws, policies, etc. by labeling the cords the way I wanted to. Within minutes of sending the initial email, Keith was standing at my desk with a prototype in his hands which looked and worked well. Even more importantly Keith was able to discover a battery issue with our infant ventilators which eventually turned into a national recall.

Because of his findings the Respiratory Care Department and DNCC were able to develop a strategy to ensure our smallest, most fragile neonate patients would be kept safe, nearly two months before the company announced its recall. It’s with simple little things like this that Keith always exceeds my expectations. Even when I say it’s not a hurry, or no big deal, Keith makes it his priority. It could be the simplest thing like replacing a battery in a piece of equipment, or a more complex repair when he always seems to have the exact piece I need “just laying around.” He is always polite and he always wears a smile. Keith’s dedication and support keep our life support systems (for infants, children, and adults) operational 24 hours a day. If Keith can’t fix it, he knows who can. I can show him a part and he can tell me if I can order it, or if I need to buy a whole new device. His knowledge about the products we use is amazing. I know if he is providing me with this type of excellent service, then he must be providing it to others, and this is why I feel he should be recognized.