Kari Day, Organizational Effectiveness

October 2014 Golden Rose Recipient


Submitted by Bernie Delaney, Organizational Effectiveness

I share an office with some amazing colleagues who happen to be Epic Senior Trainers. Their main role is to develop, maintain and deliver training courses to OHSU employees. They also design and customize training materials. This past summer, one of the trainers, Kari, volunteered to take on a project outside the world of Epic; updating the Infection and Prevention Control module. Kari designed the new module with gamification in mind to make the learning experience fun. She used an island theme with playfully named locations such as “Standard Precautions Lagoon” and “Bloodborne Pathogen Forest.” Kari started with basic information from the Infection and Prevention Control PowerPoint, then added interactive components. What most people don’t know is how much time it takes to design an interactive e-learning module – on average, it takes 33 hours of work for one hour of training. With test questions and interactivity, it jumps to 220 hours. Furthermore, when Kari volunteered for this project there was a specific deadline that she met. On October 1, Compass was a launched and along with it was the new and improved Infection Prevention and Control Annual Competency module. I so admire Kari for taking on the challenge and for always maintaining a positive attitude.