Jamie Anderson, Physical Therapy; Dan Lioy & Hua Wen, Vollum

June 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Hua Win, Dan Jioy and Jamie AndersonNomination submitted by colleague

More than a year ago, I suffered a back injury that seriously impacted my life, physically and emotionally. I started physical therapy with Jamie; he has done an amazing job making sure I get better, helping me leave behind my fears and making me laugh when I didn’t have the energy to fight. It's been almost a year and half since the injury, surgery and flares, and thanks to his skills and encouragement, I’m much better today.

After the injury, surgery became inevitable. With my family back home in Chile, the thought of going through this alone was challenging. My lab mates jumped in without hesitation. Dan and Hua in Paul Brehm's lab became my family. Dan organized food rotations, smuggled coffee in the mornings so I could get a dose of my bad habit, added a chair to my shower so I could easily clean myself after surgery and checked on me almost every day for six weeks, including weekends. I don't know what I would have done without him and am so incredibly thankful for all he did.

After my surgery, Hua was so amazing to me. She made sure I never missed anything, including breakfast every morning. She helped me with dishes, did my laundry, changed my wound without hesitating, drove me to PT and the doctor. She demonstrated a solidarity and selflessness like no other! I will never forget how present she was and how her kind heart took me into her life for those six weeks.