Brian Jones, Internal Medicine

July 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Brian Jones

Submitted by Janelle Parish

My patient's spouse had been deemed difficult and hard to deal with by staff. They oversaw everything going on in the room trying to control every last detail. Often times being rude and saying inappropriate things to the nurses about how they needed to care for their spouse. Dr. Jones realized that the spouse was not coping well with their spouse's illness and recognized his behavior as such. Dr. Jones sat down with the patient and the patient's spouse and talked long and in depth about her condition and all aspects of her care. He listened and addressed all the concerns the spouse had. Though I know he had many other things he had to do he was unrushed and very patient.

Before he left, he let me and the spouse know that if questions came up during the day to page him and he'd come back as soon as he could to answer them. After he left the spouse was a very different person, pleasant and more trusting in the care I was giving. The extra time spent made a big difference for the patient's spouse. Though other people had tried to avoid dealing with him, Dr. Jones took extra time to make sure that their needs were addressed.