George Harvey, Outpatient Pharmacy

June 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

George Harvey, 6 14

Nomination submitted by Monika Miller, Outpatient Pharmacy

George is a gem hidden in plain sight at the Center for Health and Healing outpatient pharmacy. He is an invaluable resource to our department, regularly going "above and beyond,” providing stability in a fast-paced environment, addressing staff and patient questions, taking students and technicians-in-training under his wing and establishing protocols that consistently exceed standards. His mottos include, "treat each customer as if they were your mother" and "why not do it right the first time."

One recent incident typifies George’s commitment to service. The outpatient pharmacy stocks medications to fulfill the needs of CHH Fertility Clinic patients. George knows all the medications, monitors stock levels, contacts suppliers directly and understands how critical these medications are for pregnant patients. One Friday, George discovered that the stock of progesterone injection was critically low and unable to be fulfilled due to a supplier shortage. On Saturday, George arranged to acquire enough stock from a medical supply pharmacy to ensure there was no gap in patient care.

To those patients in need of that progesterone, George could be considered a hero. However, they had no idea what had happened behind the scenes. That is how George operates. We are fortunate to have him in the OHSU pharmacy department, and those of us in the CHH outpatient pharmacy are fortunate to call him a colleague and friend.