Suzanne Hanson, 11K, Cardiac and Vascular Intermediate Care Unit

May 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Suzanne Hanson

Suzanne Hanson, 11K, Cardiac & Vascular Intermediate Care Unit   Suzanne is an outstanding nurse who always puts her patient's health at the center of her daily activities. Suzanne and I discharged a patient together who was living in a trailer home without access to a pharmacy, grocery store, etc. because the patient could not drive. The patient had VA and Medicare benefits but could not figure out how to sign up for them. Suzanne arranged for a member of her church to come and pick the patient up and take the patient back home (patient's insurance did not cover transportation benefits). She even came in on her day off to make sure that the patient met with her church representative and made it home safely. During discharge planning, Suzanne worked closely with me to make sure that the patient had their medications at discharge often asked me "What can I do to help?" After the patient had discharged home, Suzanne told me that members of her church had helped the patient sign up for benefits and now the patient was in a more stable home environment with access to resources. Suzanne was an essential component of improving this patient's health.              

Submitted by Alan Willman