Margaret Hancock, PAS Specialist, Cardiology

May 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Margaret Hancock

Margaret is our PAS for the department. She is organized, reliable, thoughtful to patients and the interactions she has with them. She always puts the patients first and foremost, has a great attitude and works very hard at making the department run smoothly. I feel she deserves a Golden ROSE award because it's easy to let people like this work hard without recognizing them. Margaret has worked here for many years and deserves to know that we all appreciate what she does for our department because without her we would have chaos.

Her main job is to run the front desk and schedule appointments but she does much more. She goes above and beyond every day. For example, where she sits at her desk she can see down the hallway in Sam Jackson Hall. When she notices people wondering around, or appearing that they are lost, she goes out of her way to go out and ask if they need help or directions. I can remember one time when we were very busy and there was an outpatient who had just had an Echo done and was in a wheelchair. The patient needed to go back to the Physicians Pavilion for another appointment. Instead of waiting for Hospital Transport (who had been backed up all day) Margaret personally wheeled the patient to their next appointment because she didn't want them to wait for 45 minutes. She always makes sure the patients feel at ease with her smile and bubbly attitude.

Margaret is a role model when it comes to making sure that we make the patients experience the best that we can. She has inspired me personally to go that extra mile because I have seen that even the small things can make a big difference.

Submitted by Megan Koivisto, Cardiology