Megan Tinling, January 2013

Registered Nurse, Doernbecher Neonatal Care Center

Megan Tinling

As a resident, we are constantly learning and trying to expand the amount of things we know and the skills we can perform. On a recent neonatal resuscitation I had no idea of the patience, education and encouragement I would receive from an outstanding nurse. OHSU is an academic institution and teaching is explicitly stated in attending physician job descriptions, hover, I do not think the same is true for nurses; many are great at working with residents, but do so out of their own desire. As a resident who likes to do procedures, I asked for opportunities to place IVs and do lab draws in our unit. Megan happily said yes. She then proceeded to walk me through supplies and troubleshooting, which ultimately ended up with me being successful. When I struggled with venipuncture, instead of taking over and telling me "better luck next time," she helped me try to figure out what I was doing wrong and spent almost an hour being patient and supportive! The patience, understanding and support she gave through her teaching is what I hope to demonstrate with medical students and residents as I progress through my own career. It isn't often that a nurse dedicates that much time solely to helping a resident learn and master a new skill. In my mind, she is beyond deserving of a ROSE award and recognition.

- Submitted by David Sheridan, House Officer, School of Medicine