Kara Johnson, January 2013

Kara Johnson - Research Associate, The Knight Cancer Institute, Druker Lab

Kara Johnson

Kara has been an invaluable resource to me in the set-up of Dr. Gray's lab. Kara received all the equipment that arrived here prior to my start date and even met the trucks at the dock to show them where to place the equipment. After I started, she constantly gave me information on the best people to contact for building-related issues and vendors needed to get the lab up and running. She introduced me to the RVATT team and took me with her to the meetings so I could interface with purchasing representatives in a better way, which has resulted in a very large savings on our research supplies. Kara works for Dr. Druker and was not obligated to do any of the things she did for Dr. Gray and me. She never once hesitated to help me even knowing it may make her work day longer. I don't know how any of our work would have gotten done if Kara hadn't been there to help me navigate the day to day obstacles. I have worked here at OHSU for 21 years and even I was at a loss for things that Kara knew. She definitely saved me and made my life a whole lot easier. The Gray Lab, the department of Biomedical Engineering and OHSU as a whole are indebted to her for making this move go smoothly.

- Submitted by Darcie Babcock, Biomedical Engineering