Heather Turner, January 2013

Registered Nurse, Cardiac & Surgical ICU

Heather Turner

I have worked with Heather for seven years; she is an excellent bedside ICU nurse. Last night was a typical interaction and yet because her compassion is so consistent, it should not go unnoticed. Heather took one of our very sick ICU patients for care yesterday. He had been in our ICO for 25 days with progressive multi-organ system failure. He had a wife and several children, a very loving and supportive family. Heather is such an amazing advocate for her patients. She was familiar with his case, his family, and his advance directives. She participated in multidisciplinary rounds to be the voice of the family and the patient as we made the difficult transition to comfort care. This transition took the care teams and the family 16 hours to accept. Heather volunteered to stay into the early hours of the following morning to help the patient pass comfortably, support his large family, and provide continuity during their devastating time. She is the example of how experienced, compassionate, and engaged nurses and team members can make a huge impact on care and family perception. Heather is a true professional.

- Submitted by Mindy Hamilton, Surgical Trauma/Critical Care