Steve Engelke, School of Medicine

May 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Steve Engelke

Steve, Senior System/Application Analyst in the School of Medicine, Office of the Dean, has made tremendous improvements in the unglamorous but vitally necessary function of data management for several School of Medicine programs. He has an uncanny ability to view a situation from a systems perspective – seeing intuitively how one request may affect future functionality and be fulfilled while enhancing needs program staff hadn't yet anticipated. Steve is a genuine pleasure to work with. He never lacks patience or the willingness to explain complicated technology in lay language; he is a valuable partner during any project and has become an indispensable resource. The impact Steve has had not only on individual program business processes, but on the Dean's Office as a whole, is a testament to how crucial he is. He creates projects with expandability in mind. That type of thinking is gradually getting all of the School of Medicine education programs on the same or related systems, which ultimately saves the school money and creates the opportunity for cross-program collaboration. He is an agent of change and without him we would be doing our jobs a lot less efficiently. For these reasons, we wholeheartedly nominate Steve for a Golden ROSE Award.            

Submitted by Debbie Melton, on behalf of the SOM staff