Kaaren Driscoll, Social Work Specialist

September 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Kaaren Driscoll

Kaaren Driscoll is being recognized for extraordinary service excellence in the countless hours and unmeasurable energy she exuded for much of 2013, advocating against the 24-month wait period for solid organ and bone marrow transplant. This wait period was to be imposed by health insurance plans through Oregon's insurance exchange beginning January 2014. Above and beyond her daily service to patients as the Social Work Specialist/ Financial Counselor for OHSU Clinical Transplant Services, Kaaren committed herself to endless phone calls, letters and visits to every local, state, or higher level entity she could identify to present the detriment this would be to individuals in need of this life-saving procedure.

I was blown away by Kaaren's unyielding efforts on this issue. As I and the Social Workers of Knight Cancer Institute closely followed this issue, we were confident in Kaaren's voice on behalf of our patients who this wait period would directly impact. When the announcement came that the wait period was eliminated from allowed policies, those who knew of Kaaren's work on this immediately recognized her significant contribution to that outcome. This impacted transplant patients not only at OHSU, but through the entire state of Oregon by eliminating what was a life-threatening obstacle to critical treatment.