Donna Johnson, Purchasing

August 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Donna Johnson, August 2014

Nomination submitted by Agnieszka Balkowiec, Integrative Biosciences

My nomination for Donna Johnson, a buying agent in the purchasing department, is long overdue as, over the years, we have experienced so many acts of kindness and support from Donna that go beyond her job duties. The most recent example is related to my lab’s relocation to a different building on campus. I could not take with me one large piece of equipment because its duplicate was already available in the new location. Since every dollar counts in the current research funding climate, I thought I would try to resell this equipment. This was certainly not a purchase, but still the first person who came to mind was our wonderful buying agent Donna… And, once again, Donna has impressed me with her resourcefulness and passionate approach towards helping all of us. Within hours, she contacted labs that could potentially be interested, placed ads in different media on campus, worked with the surplus department, etc., and none of that could be considered her job duty. In her own words: “My job is to get my customers what they need to do their wonderful research and any other special requests that come up. […] It makes my job fulfilling knowing how much I can help my researchers”. Donna's service to the University is truly EXCEPTIONAL. It is obvious that she puts heart and soul to projects she gets involved in. Donna is a true inspiration to all!