Devin Tran, Diagnostic Radiology

October 2014 Golden Rose Recipient


Submitted by Ellie Toole, hospital unit 12K Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit

Devin did a procedure on my patient during a recent admission. This patient is particularly difficult with problems that are exacerbated while in the hospital. The patient has been in and out of the hospital many times in the past few years with a long and complicated course prior to this admission. On admission, the patient was having a pretty bad day and discovered one lens in his reading glasses had fallen out. He mentioned this to Devin and me during his procedure and Devin said he would try and get his hands on some glasses for him. The next morning Devin came by with two pairs of glasses for the patient! The patient was in the middle of a procedure so Devin couldn't come in, but I wanted him to know how much this meant to the patient (and the nurse!). The patient has been in the hospital a long time and it is little things like this that really make a difference to him. Devin went well above and beyond his call of duty for this patient (as well as doing a great job with the vascular studies). He is truly an asset to the team.