Matt Denny - System Application Analyst, Business Intelligence Management

April 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Matt Denny - System Application Analyst, Business Intelligence Management Division

Matt designed and developed a research reporting tool that will vastly improve the way OHSU ensures that newly awarded research grants are in compliance and properly set up. He definitely deserves a Golden Rose!

The reporting tool Matt built pulls together information from a variety of sources on a variety of compliance-related requirements. These are requirements that must be completed by primary investigators and their teams before they are allowed to begin work. This includes completing all required training in Big Brain, and obtaining approval from multiple RDA groups for any work that involves human or animal subjects.

The benefits this new tool provides are many. The greatest is that now department level Grants and Contracts Administrators (GCA) can check on the compliance status of their projects and researchers in real time. This is a capability that many in the research community have wanted for years.

Before this report existed, GCAs had to run down researchers, RDA staff, and others to find out if compliance had been completed. This resulted in a significant amount of non-value added back and forth, and wasted time and effort. Often when an answer was obtained in this manner, it was still wrong!

Working with Matt was great. His personal and professional demeanor was top notch. He was very responsive to questions, requests, and was able to turn around new upgrades to the tool quickly. The team was a demanding one, and he handled much of the feedback (or what some may have seen as criticism) with a smile and commitment to make things right.

Submitted by Galen Banghart, School of Medicine