Doernbecher Children's Hospital Team

July 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Doernbecher Team

Team members:

Andy Cave, Pediatrics, Dennis Child, Respiratory Care Services, Paco Corbalan, Pediatrics, Todd Dalberg, DCH Hematology/Oncology, Melissa Dumont, DCH 9N, Sam Giles, Food and Nutrition, Tanvi Hathiwala, Pediatrics, Gaea Jones, DCH 9N, Michael Jones, Pediatrics, Nicole Kanehe, Nursing Resource Management, Pediatric Float Pool, Kimberly Kuehnert, Child Life Therapy, Jeff Meyrowitz, DCH Hematology/Oncology, Michelle Noelck, Pediatrics, Carly Saxton, Respiratory Care Services, Windy Stevenson, Pediatrics, and Deidra Weinert, DCH 9N (team)

Submitted by patient's family

You are an amazing team of people who touched our lives so much! We are saddened over the loss of our child but have found much comfort along the way from many of you. We think of you all everyday through this journey; I think of Paco, and the blue shoes and how the children liked to call him Taco (sorry my dad yelled at you Paco to fix our child); I think of the Pediatric Float Pool nurse who our family addicted her to the game Plants versus Zombies; I think of the "hair challenged" Dr. Meyrowitz whom I cried on and was pretty sure I scared.

I think of Dr. Jones and how my husband would sing the Indiana Jones theme song every time he left the room. Or the amazing nurse Gaea and nurse Deidre whom I threatened if she didn't make our child's IV pump stop beeping (I was going to throw it out the window)! Dr. Noelck who was starting to feel the weight of her baby and sat as much as possible (did the baby come yet?). Or our amazing respiratory team-especially Dennis Child who was with us on multiple admits the last few years, oh and Carly Saxton. Dr. Hathiwala-where to begin…you are an amazing woman, you tell your mom we said they raised an amazing doctor. Thank you for sharing your story with us, I think of you often.

Dr. Cave, (Andy) is it strange I think of you when I think of Toy Story (guess its cause we feel like you belong with our family, oh and did you ever figure out whom you were on the phone with that day? Thank you for letting us laugh off a ton of stress on you! And Sam "the food guy" thank you for taking care of us those last few days and all you did! Nurse Melissa, thank you for your kindness through some of the roughest of the days. Dr. Dahlberg from bridges team- thank you for the helping us bridge those last few days, you helped us to navigate through much and we cannot thank you enough. Dr. Windy Stevenson-so sorry we couldn't ever get your last name correctly! Thank you for helping keeping our child comfortable and for not leaving us on that night. We know you did not have to stay but you did!

So many of you affected our lives the month we were there, I miss you all as I felt as if you were family. I'm thankful for the most wonderful team of people who helped our child over that month. I hope and pray you will always remember our child and our child's disorder, and that possibly with some awareness, will be able to help other children be diagnosed. Our child had so much love, something I plan to show everyone whom crosses our path. Thank you for all you have done for us and our family. None of you will ever be forgotten.