Dave Hoyt, Comprehensive Breast Center

November 2016 Golden Rose Recipient

Dave Hoyt, Comprehensive Breast Center

Nomination submitted by Marta Burwell, Friends of the University Program

I would like to nominate Dave Hoyt, PAS Coordinator in the Comprehensive Breast Center, for going above and beyond to help a patient. My office is located in the Kohler lobby just inside the turnaround where patients get picked up and dropped off throughout the day. Since there are only three of us with an office in this space, we often find ourselves assisting patients and families with wayfinding. On this particular day, a distressed family approached me as I was leaving my office and asked if I could help them get an appointment here at OHSU. The sister had come to Portland to be with her family after a shocking Stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis. The family, hanging onto hope, arrived on OHSU's doorstep without a referral or any records, hoping that our OHSU providers could treat their sister's cancer.

I wasn't sure where to start, so I called the Breast Center. This is where Dave comes into the picture. He answered the phone and offered to personally speak to the family, asking if he could use my office to speak with them to uphold patient confidentiality. He stopped what he was doing and came down to my office to speak with the family about getting care here at OHSU. He brought all of the necessary new patient paperwork with him, and started working on the referral process right there with the family. He even had the patient sign a release of information so he could request her records from her providers back in Georgia. He gave them his direct contact information and assured them he would get started on this as soon as he returned to his office.

When I went back out to say goodbye to the family, they had tears in their eyes. They were so grateful for Dave's kindness and felt like he really listened and cared, even though they had just shown up out of the clear blue sky and he had never met them before.

I was also touched by Dave's kindness and willingness to leave his desk to come help this family. He never once seemed put out, he simply wanted to serve this family and get them the care that she needed. We are all torchbearers for OHSU, and Dave certainly represents OHSU's core values in all of the work that he does. I'm truly honored to nominate him for this ROSE award. We are lucky to have him.