Adam Crelling, Outpatient Rehabilitation/Hand Therapy

March 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Adam Crelling

I am a nurse case manager who was helping coordinate postop care for a patient who had experienced traumatic finger amputation and was struggling with a possible neuroma condition. The original surgeon felt that additional surgery was not needed and released him back to regular work/medical care. I expressed my concerns to Adam, who had also suspected a possible neuroma, and assisted with obtaining a second opinion from another hand surgeon (in the same department!). Within a few weeks, additional surgery was performed to address the neuroma. I attended this patient's postop appointment yesterday and was very happy to see he is doing much better. His recovery outlook is brighter thanks to the hard work of Adam. Adam went above and beyond the outpatient rehabilitation position to make a real impact with this patient's hand recovery, his daily quality of life and future employment prospects. Not to mention providing an outlet for him to express his concerns/pain in his native Spanish language.                      

Submitted by a colleague