Valerie Cecil, Family Medicine at Richmond Clinic

May 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Valerie Cecil

Recently, after receiving a call from the attending caring for one of her patients who was admitted to a non-OHSU ICU, she finished caring for her patients at Richmond before quickly driving across town to participate in a late-Friday-evening care conference, and then returned to Richmond to finish her charts from the day! But this is not unusual for her. When one of her patients with congestive heart failure and a complicated social situation misses her appointments, she will go to her house for a home visit to check on her well-being. Valerie also has a young, non-verbal, paraplegic, bed-bound patient who lives in Gresham. If this patient were seeing any other provider, they would be required to use an ambulance and stretcher to come to clinic appointments. Given the unnecessary cost and inconvenience this would cause both the family and the healthcare system as a whole, Valerie has arranged to make regular, and sometimes urgent, home visits for this family in order to provide the best care for this patient. Valerie is truly an inspirational nurse practitioner and primary care provider. Her patients adore her, her colleagues respect and consult her often, and she sets an example for how we as health care providers can think and work outside of the typical "office visit" structure to provide patient centered care to our most vulnerable populations. She is certainly deserving of an OHSU Golden ROSE Award.  

Submitted by Rachael Postman