Richard Cascio, Doernbecher General Pediatric Clinic

November 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Richard Cascio

Submitted by Alan Lines, Emergency Medicine

It was a Saturday morning and my son's coach called to inform me that because my son took a hard hit earlier in the week, and complained of a headache, he would need to be checked out by a doctor and cleared, or he wouldn't be able to play in the game.

I was a little bit frustrated at the late notice (five hours before the game). I immediately called Doernbecher Peds in hopes of getting one of the same day appointments. I was greeted by Richard and I explained the situation. He informed me that they didn't have any appointments and couldn't fit him in for this type of exam. I hung up the phone frustrated and started seeking other options.

As I was fussing around on the web I received a call back from Richard. He explained that he had called Zoomcare for me and found out that they do these types of screenings and I could make an appointment online and have my son seen at any of their clinics, as they are an OHSU preferred provider for urgent care. I was extremely impressed. Richard definitely went above and beyond by calling Zoomcare and then calling me back. I am extremely appreciative of his efforts.