Cardiac Surgical ICU RNs

March 2013 Golden Rose Recipients: Phuong Hoang, Jennifer Parrish, & Heather Turner — Registered Nurses, Cardiac Surgical ICU

Golden Rose Winners: Phuong Hoang, Jennifer Parrish, & Heather Turner
Each of these nurses cared for a patient on our unit, who developed multiple complications resulting in a very difficult ICU course. Each nurse, all skilled clinicians, provided excellent care to not only the patient, but also to the family, in particular, the patient's partner.

Through many bedside discussions with the partner, these nurses developed a deep understanding of the patient's values and hopes. They also came to understand the extended family's dynamics and the effect these had on the often difficult decisions that needed to be made. In daily rounds, each nurse advocated for the patient and made certain the partner's questions and concerns were addressed. 

They also shared themselves with the partner by talking about their own families and experiences. I believe this created a personal connection that provided the partner with much needed emotional support. Unfortunately, despite maximum support, the patient eventually stopped responding to us and their family. Another family conference was held and the team determined that it was unlikely the patient would recover.

At the conference, it was agreed there would be no more escalations of care – if the patient's heart stopped, no CPR, if the patient's blood pressure dropped, we would not start another medication to support it. As the patient continued to decline, these three nurses provided outstanding care not only for the patient but the patient's family. Jenn, Phuong, and Heather exceeded the usual expectations and managed a very difficult situation with grace and diplomacy, and truly exemplified service excellence.

Submitted by Kelly Stafford, 8SCICU