Melanie Bobbett, Knight Cancer Institute

October 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Melanie Bobbett

Submitted by Desember Brucker, Patient Registration Services

Though I have worked with Melanie a relatively short time since she began her journey at OHSU a little less than a year ago, she has made a world of difference to my staff and me! Melanie is the primary person responsible for working our referrals for patients who have potential Medicaid eligibility. She has worked with my staff and I over the last year to improve the communication between our departments. She has explained processes that were previously a mystery to us and has worked to understand issues from our perspective as well. She has worked to establish processes to more quickly be able to screen patients for Medicaid, thus improving the turn-around time for the patient and for the practice that the patient is being seen. As a new employee to OHSU she could have continued to do things following the established methods and still accomplished those tasks assigned to her, but she went above and beyond by always seeking out ways to improve.

While the improved communication is enough reason for me to submit this nomination, she has also gone above and beyond in many situations to assist and advocate for the patient. For example, we had a patient who was referred to apply for Medicaid and was denied. The patient was told the program she was applying for was closed to new adult applicants. Instead of taking the denial at face value, Melanie continued to inquire into the case making many calls to the patient and various workers with DHS…resulting in the knowledge that DHS language was being misinterpreted by some individuals. While this is one example, there are many more just like it where she has gone that extra mile to resolve a situation.

Besides all this, Melanie is also inspiring, kind, patient, and positive in the worst of situations. I feel that anyone who has interacted with Melanie will find that her dedication to her work and her genuine care for others shines through. Melanie is a glowing example of service excellence to our patients and to other staff. When people ask me why I love working for OHSU it is people like Melanie that first come to mind.