Judy Barnes - Custodian, Environmental Services

April 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Judy Barnes - Custodian, Environmental Services

This member of the 13K team is one that has stood out for too long without being recognized. She is always available to staff throughout the day no matter how small the task and more than that, she is always one step ahead. When Judy is working, patients notice their rooms are cleaner and well stocked, which makes them feel safer in their environment. Our RN staff feels as if they have a partner in creating and maintaining a clutter-free work space.

Here are a few quotes from RNs on the unit:

"Many patients/families ask all our staff for information. Most of our housekeepers defer to the RNs or don't know the answer. Judy, goes beyond that, she answers the question if she knows the answer (she knows a lot). I've even seen her walk a patient's family out to the correct elevators."

"Judy will get bedding, cups, utensils, or other items that the patient/family requests. She is a team player."

"She has problem solved our storage room by organizing it for efficiency and takes responsibility and ownership over her actions."

To us on 13K, Judy goes beyond the expected by:

  • thoroughly cleaning all of the walls, shelves, pictures
  • pulling out all the computers underneath the desks
  • refilling the hand sanitizer to use up old bottles and fill others
  • organizes our isolation carts and indicates to us which ones need what supplies

The impact that Judy has had on 13K is one of leadership and role modeling. When you see someone so clearly go above and beyond in her job you can't help but be inspired. We the nurses of 13K would like to finally give thanks and recognition for the hard work she has done for our unit!

Her hard work spreads like wildfire and you can see the change in attitudes and the overall feeling of support the unit goes through when Judy is on the floor. Judy has been working instrumental in promoting a great work environment on 13K and we want to thank her for it!

Submitted by Molly Brush, OHSU hospital unit 13K Surgical Medical Oncology