Melissa Andrew, Integrative Biosciences

January 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Melissa Andrew

Submitted by Nicole Paterson, Integrative Biosciences and Jackson Wong, School of Denistry

Melissa is the unofficial lab manager; she takes care of the large and small tasks, while at the same time offering a sympathetic ear and a helpful hand. She is always pleasant to be around, even under stress and pressure, and she has acted as a mentor and a positive role model for me as a co-worker. For example, the other day, Melissa sat me down for several hours and helped me analyze my data. She comes into the lab at 6:00 am so that the rest of the lab can have bacterial cultures, and she stays late in order to gather data for us. It is not in her job description to mentor/train the other lab members, but she patiently helps all members of her lab in addition to other lab members.

She has helped a Ph.D. candidate in biomaterials with microbiology protocols, myself with statistical analysis, another lab member with sterile technique and improving his assay. She is an integral member of our biofilms project, and consistently makes efforts to help others unselfishly. She consistently helps others improve their science, including those in the other lab groups on our project. We have all benefited from Melissa's experience and high standards, as has our ability to implement the scientific method accurately and effectively.