Why Becca Chose OHSU Twice

I've been a nurse practitioner in the Doernbecher ER, and now I work at Shriner's Hospital, still working closely with Doernbecher doctors and medical staff.

Two of my three kids were born in Oregon, and at OHSU. Dr. Mark Nichols has seen me through two pregnancies. I first saw him for a miscarriage, and he was so compassionate then that I thought, "He's a keeper." He stands out as always being very helpful, giving me the information and allowing my family and me to make an informed decision. When I was in labor with my third baby, Dr. Jeanne-Marie Guise was the doctor on call, and she was great, always smiling. My nurse, Amy, during the delivery was amazing, too.

When you work closely with medical folks, you know who you'd want to treat your family. I have a lot of respect for OHSU.