Ali's Fertility Story

Ali and her twins

I had been trying to get pregnant for eight years. I had six miscarriages. My primary care doctor was at OHSU, and after a few attempts, he told me that we should try the OHSU Fertility Clinic.

I’d consider myself a “lifer” at OHSU. From my primary care doctor to my gynecologist to the fertility clinic, all the specialists and the very best cutting-edge doctors are there. The doctors at OHSU are like my family—they only give me the best advice and suggestions, and they’ve never let me down. Especially Dr. Saultz: He’s one of a kind. And Dr. Lee  is over-the-top fantastic.

Embarking on an in vitro fertilization (IVF) journey is expensive, daunting and complicated, but at OHSU they make it as easy as it can be. It is such a precise process; they have it streamlined and perfected. I felt informed. They were always ready for me, and helped guide me through all the steps.

When women are going to a fertility clinic, it can be a really frustrating experience. We’re all on these wacky hormones, and they understand, and they’re so nice about it. Everyone at OHSU was so warm and sensitive—and funny. They always tried to bring levity into the situation, because it wasn’t always easy.

And because you’re there so much and it means so much, everyone who works at the clinic becomes your family at that time. It’s amazing. I don’t know how they do it.

Of course I had my twin boys at OHSU. I love that everyone there is a pro and expert. But I go there because they can do everything under one roof. It truly is a community of care: Everyone is connected, everyone is working together, and everyone is looking out for you. Honestly, even if I had an Emergency Room in my backyard, I would still take my entire family to OHSU.