Interpreting the Donor List


This donor is new and just released.  New donors are added to the top of the table. We are starting to use a series of numbers advancing from 6220 for new donors.


Geographically restricted: This donor is ONLY available to recipients living outside Oregon and Southern Washington.  We limit the use of all our donors in our local geographical population. The number of families that have achieved one or more pregnancies by each donor are tracked and when they reach a specific number we discontinue selling their vials to the surrounding area. This statistically assures that children conceived by different families using the same donor do not interact socially in their reproductive future. (An important exception is made for those families seeking a sibling to a previous child from the same donor.)


These donors have achieved at least one pregnancy. Donors at the top of the list are too new to have a pregnancy reported yet. This usually takes about 6 months. Some of the other donors are rarely requested due to their special ethnic origin.


Future information:  This donor has consented to consider responding to a request for additional information from adult children conceived by the use of his sperm.
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Out till 1 mo  

This means we are temporarily sold out until we release another set of vials in 1 month (1 mo ).


These donors are in such high demand that you should consider placing your name on our waiting list.  We usually sell-out to those already on our waiting list before they become available on this table.  Contact the Andrology Laboratory to discuss placing your name on the waiting list.