Randomized Trial of Magnesium Sulfate Dosing in Preeclampsia


To determine if an alternate magnesium sulfate dosing regimen in preeclamptic pregnant women with BMI >35 kg/m2 will result in a larger proportion of obese women who have therapeutic serum magnesium levels (>4.8 mg/dL) for seizure prophylaxis after 4 hours of administration and at the time of delivery.

Women who require treatment with magnesium sulfate for preeclampsia will be randomized to a standard dose or an increased dose of the study drug and magnesium levels in blood and urine will be checked at multiple time points. 

PI: Kathleen Brookfield, MD, PhD eIRB #15809

Trial Status:

Open to Enrollment

Why is this study being done?

Currently, all pregnant women are administered the same dose of magnesium sulfate to treat preeclampsia. Previous studies suggest larger preeclamptic women may need higher doses of magnesium sulfate to achieve the same effects.

In the current proposed study, we hope to identify pharmacokinetic (PK) drug effects (a therapeutic serum magnesium level) that an alternate magnesium sulfate dosing regimen will achieve in obese preeclamptic pregnant women.

Who is eligible to participate?

Women who: 

  • Have a BMI greater than or equal to 35
  • Have preeclampsia that requires treatment with magnesium sulfate
  • Are at least 32 weeks pregnant
  • Are ages 18-42

What is the compensation for this study?

No compensation is offered. 

Whom do I contact for more information?