Weight Loss Surgery Combats Obesity

Women's Health Monthly: July 2016
The causes of obesity and excess weight are extremely complex. Though no one entirely understands our obesity epidemic, we know that obesity has a strong genetic component, as well as environmental, biochemical, and psychological origins. For many it's not simply a matter of "will power."

For individuals who are morbidly obese—100 pounds or more overweight—OHSU bariatric surgeon Samer Mattar, M.D., tells us that surgery could be the most effective, durable, and safe weight loss option. Even for people with more moderate weight problems—such as 30 to 40 pounds overweight—procedures are available that are highly effective and relatively uncomplicated.

Women seem to be getting the message about this. Although U.S. obesity rates are the same for women and men, women have four times as many bariatric (weight loss) surgeries as men do. Researchers speculate the reason for this may be that women tend to be more aware than men of the numerous health issues associated with obesity. Learn more at OHSU Bariatric Services.

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