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Let's ask ourselves: how can we change the food culture for this and future generations?

As featured in: Our March Newsletter

Heart HealthLove your heart! FEBRUARY 2014

As we make plans for Valentine's Day it's good to remember that February is a great time to be aware of how to keep your heart healthy.

As featured in: Our February Newsletter

New YearReady to take on the new year? JAN 2014

So we'd like to help you make 2014 your smartest year yet, with easy, bite-sized actions—like taking a class, attending a seminar or learning something new.

As featured in: Our January Newsletter

Wellness WheelFocusing on wellness through the holidays DEC 2013

While holiday stress can hit anyone, many studies suggest that it hits women harder than most.

As featured in: Our December Newsletter

Savor the SeasonHow will you savor the season? NOV 2013

Christie Naze, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator at the Center for Women's Health, shares tips for savoring the season.

As featured in: Our November Newsletter

Cancer riskThree ways to help us end cancer as we know it OCT 2013

One in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our lifetime. Here are three opportunities for you to join the fight against cancer.

As featured in: Our October Newsletter

All hands inUnderstand and reduce your risk for gynecologic cancers SEP 2013

While gynecologic cancers are often lumped into one group, each cancer is unique and has different signs, symptoms, risk factors, and prevention strategies.

As featured in: Our September Newsletter

FriendsRx for Health: Stay Active With Friends AUG 2013

Do you enjoy being active with friends? Time spent with friends is important for life happiness and scientifically proven to contribute to your good health. Consider this your prescription to stay active with friends.

As featured in: Our August Newsletter

SunscreenTake care: melanoma death rate for women in Oregon is the highest in the country JULY 2013

Dermatologists at OHSU recommend the following tips to help protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

As featured in: Our July Newsletter

Oregon's Kitchen TableCommunity input to determine health policies requested through Oregon Values and Beliefs Survey JUNE 2013

Now is the time for you to have your voice heard and share your thoughts, values and beliefs on the future of health care in Oregon.

As featured in: Our June Newsletter