Scoliosis Treatment

The OHSU Spine Center treats children and adults with scoliosis. Our spine specialists use conservative (non-surgical) treatments such as physical therapy and perform surgery only when necessary.

Scoliosis Treatment

What Is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical condition that causes the spine to curve from side to side (spine curvature). In some cases, the spine also rotates causing one shoulder blade to project (stick out) farther than the other. Scoliosis can affect the thoracic spine (mid-back) and lumbar spine (lower back).

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Treatments for scoliosis

The OHSU Spine Center offers a full range of non-surgical and surgical treatments for scoliosis. Our doctors treat scoliosis with a conservative approach but may recommend surgery depending on your age, type of scoliosis, and how long you have been experiencing symptoms. Our scoliosis treatment options include:

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Scoliosis resources

OHSU spine experts speak on a number of topics related to scoliosis and the spine. These video lectures and podcasts are excellent resources for prospective patients who want to learn more about scoliosis and the OHSU doctors that treat this condition.


Dr. Robert Hart: Scoliosis and the adult spine

Dr. Alexander Ching: The latest techniques in minimally invasive spine surgery



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