Disc Biacuplasty


Disc biaculoplasty is a non-surgical procedure that relieves low back pain caused by damaged spinal discs.

The procedure

If discography shows that a damaged spinal disc is causing your low back pain, you might have disc biaculoplasty. This procedure reduces pain by interrupting pain signals from the nerves.

Your doctor places two small needles into the damaged disc. He or she uses a special type of X-ray to guide the needles. Radio waves send an electric current to the needle, heating it up. The heat damages the abnormal nerves in the disc, stopping the pain messages. Heat from the needles may also strengthen the disc tissue.

This procedure is done on an outpatient basis, with no overnight hospital stay. Your doctor gives you sedation, medicine to make you relax and minimize discomfort. The procedure may cause some pain during healing, and your doctor will give you treatment for this. Recovery takes about 12 weeks. At first, you need to limit your activity, but then can be more active. If you have disc biaculoplasty, you should not eat before the procedure. You need someone to take you home after treatment.

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