OHSU is a proud user of the ReWalk, the only FDA approved Exoskeleton, used to help regain motor control with hopes to gain independent walking to patients who have sustained a spinal cord injury.  The goals of the use of the ReWalk is to allow the ability to overcome some of the practical challenges associated with a wheel chair [once transfered into a Rewalk home unit:

  • Upright Walking
  • All day mobility
  • Access to buildings and areas without ramps
  • Performing tasks like cooking and work bench activities
  • Ability to reach objects in high places
  • Increased independence

The ultimate goal is increased motor control return to allow more independent standing or walking; at the very least, better transfers (e.g. less spasticity and better range of motion).

Secondary benefits of being in the Rewalk Unit is the practical life Connections:

Eye to eye conversations
Ability to hug standing up
Participation in standing environments such as receptions, during presentations or a visit in a bar
Going for a walk with friends and family

Health Benefits Currently Being Evaluated:

Effects on bone density
Decrease in % body fatImprovements in cardiorespiratory function
Improved bowel/bladder function
Improved sitting posture
Decreased pain
Decreased spasticity

Our Neurological Rehabilitation Team