Please Note: Mail Order Pharmacy services are available to OHSU employees who are currently enrolled in the OHSU/ODS prescription benefit, and to patients who are being treated by OHSU providers.

Is it required my prescription order be mailed to me?

No. We offer courier service to five of our OHSU outpatient pharmacies; Physicians Pavilion, Gabriel Park, CHH, Doernbecher, and Casey Eye Institute. You can request to pick up your prescription at any of these sites while still utilizing the mail order benefit discount, if applicable.

Do I need to have my doctor write brand new prescriptions for all my medications to use mail order?

No. We can transfer your existing prescriptions from other pharmacies if they have refills available. Mailing new prescriptions helps us ensure we have a record of your most current dosages and refills.

What do I need to mail with my prescriptions?

Please include a note stating whether to mail or courier your order and, if the prescription is hard to read, the demographic information (name, date of birth, and phone number) for the patients(s).

Do I need to fill out an enrollment form each time I mail in a prescription?

No. You only need to fill that out when you send the first prescription(s) to mail order. However, if you need special handling of your order please use the note section to inform us of your wishes.

Do I need to fill out a transfer form if my prescriptions were last filled at an OHSU pharmacy?

No. You can list those numbers on the refill request form and fax or mail the form to us.

Can I fax my own prescription to the pharmacy?

No. Federal and state laws mandate that only prescribers are allowed to fax prescriptions to a pharmacy.

How long will it take to receive my prescriptions by mail?

Please allow 5 - 7 business days from the day we receive your prescription order.

How much will it cost me to have my prescriptions mailed?

We offer mail delivery at no additional charge.

My prescription is written for 30 day supply with 11 refills. Do I need to get a new prescription written for 90 day supply?

We prefer to have a prescriptions written for a 90 day supply. However, if the prescription is written for a 30-day supply we can call your prescriber and ask for a larger quantity to dispense. (Please note: some medications do have quantity restrictions).

Does the OHSU Mail Order Pharmacy fill all prescriptions upon receipt?

Yes. Unless you include a note stating otherwise, all prescriptions will be filled when they arrive at OHSU Mail Order Pharmacy and will be delivered/couriered to the location of your choosing.

Do you have an automatic refill system?

No. But you can call, fax, or email your prescription refill requests to us. Our contact information is located here.

Do I have to use mail order?

No. You may still use non-OHSU pharmacies. However, there will be significant cost savings if you use the OHSU outpatient pharmacies and mail order service.

If I am an OHSU employee with the ODS prescription benefit will my co-pays be lower if I use mail order?

Usually, but not always. Medication prices will be price based on the following scale.

  Your OHSU Prescription Benefit
Your Cost For $25 Drug
Non-OHSU pharmacy
Co-Payment is 30% with a $10 minimum
OHSU pharmacy

(30 day supply)

Co-Payment is 25% with no $10 minimum
OHSU pharmacy mail order

(31 - 90 day supply)

Co-Payment is 15% with no $10 minimum

Or you can visit the ODS website for specific co-pay information. Once there, log in as a member, click the pharmacy tab, and then formulary look-up.

How do I get more information about the mail service?

Call the OHSU Mail Order Pharmacy at 1-866-770-2666 or send us an email.