The OHSU Comprehensive Pain Center offers a comprehensive range of services for patients with acute, cancer or chronic pain.

Through the combined expertise of a multidisciplinary team of pain specialists, we offer advanced treatment options in a supportive, compassionate environment.

Pain is a complex medical problem that can have profound effects on your physical and mental well-being. Our goal is to help reduce your pain and suffering, return you to your maximum level of functioning, and enhance your control of your quality of life.

Your physician may refer you to us for an evaluation, for one or more specific procedures, or for ongoing treatment. On these pages you will find information on some of the services we offer.

Evaluation and Consultation
Members of our multidisciplinary team will conduct physical exams and assessments of your condition.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures
We provide a variety of procedures to diagnose and treat pain.

Psychological Services
Pain can have profound psychological effects, which can interfere with your normal daily activities.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is a component of the multidisciplinary treatment of diverse chronic pain conditions with a focus on improved daily function.

Manipulation, Active Release Technique, and Grastin Technique

Medical acupuncture is offered for the treatment of chronic pain.