Conditions and Treatments

conditions and treatments
The OHSU Comprehensive Pain Center is among the largest pain centers in the region, offering treatment options for patients with acute (short-term), chronic (long-term) and pain caused by cancer. We also provide many treatments that address the physical, mental and behavioral issues that can result due to ongoing pain.

Medication philosophy

At the Comprehensive Pain Clinic, we believe in whole body health. We believe in fewer medications at lower doses, combined with treatment options that don't use drugs. We also support data that medication works best when combined with lifestyle coaching and alternative therapies, such as reducing stress and weight, nutrition counseling, physical therapy and more. 

Pain treatments

We are a group of physicians, nurses and psychologists teamed with experts in whole body therapies. Combining our strengths in a practice working within a major academic medical center, we are able to offer a variety of pain management options not easily found elsewhere. 

Find information about the many treatments we offer:

Evaluation and consultation
Diagnostic and therapeutic
Physical therapy
Children's care

Frequently treated conditions

Below is a list of common conditions treated at the Pain Center. Click on the links to learn more about treatment options available.

Back and Neck Pain
Cancer Pain
Diabetic Neuropathy
Headaches and Migraines
Pelvic Pain
Sciatic Pain