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OHSU has the region's most comprehensive sports medicine program. Our doctors, nurses, imaging specialists, physical therapists and athletic trainers all work together to get you back to full function. With our extensive experience and coordinated program, you'll find it easy to get complete care centered around your needs. Our services cover athletes of all ages, skills and disciplines.

Kyle’s Patient story

Kyle's patient story

During my sophomore year, my left knee had been bothering me during basketball and football practices. X-rays were inconclusive; an MRI showed I had osteochondritis dissecans: a piece of cartilage and small fragment of bone had come loose in my knee. At first my doctor tried a procedure to try and put the cartilage back using a screw. But that didn’t work, and that’s when I went to see Dr. Crawford at OHSU.

I met with Dr. Crawford and his team. They explained a procedure called an osteochondral allograft transplant, which means I would receive cartilage/bone from a donor to replace the damaged cartilage in my knee. 

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The most common head injury in sports is concussion. Management of concussion, including determination of when an athlete should return to play, is an area that our physicians specialize in. Learn more

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