Sports Medicine

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OHSU has the region's most comprehensive sports medicine program. Our doctors, nurses, imaging specialists, physical therapists and athletic trainers all work together to get you back to full function. With our extensive experience and coordinated program, you'll find it easy to get complete care centered around your needs. Our services cover athletes of all ages, skills and disciplines.

Athlete Resources

Visit our Athlete Resources page for practical information for athletes of all ages and abilities. Read our tips for runners, our winter sports safety suggestions and more.

Patient Stories

What is it like to be a Sports Medicine patient at OHSU? Visit our Patient Stories page to read about how the experience affected their lives.

Upcoming Ask the Health Experts Lectures

Shouldering the Burden
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Jacqueline Munch, M.D.

Understand how your shoulder and rotator cuff work, typical injuries that may affect them, and the types of treatments available.


How to Maintain an Injury-Free, Active Lifestyle
Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Ryan Petering, M.D.

Exercise plays a huge role in your health and longevity. Get tips and advice to keep active, recover from injuries, and stay active for life.


Running for a lifetime

Running for a Lifetime | Ryan Petering, M.D.

Watch Dr. Ryan Petering offer tips about how you can maintain a lifetime long, healthy approach to running.

Watch the video