Written orders from OHSU sites

Written Orders

(also called manual or Downtime Orders)

All orders not placed via the hospital information system are written on laboratory downtime forms and sent to the lab with the specimen.

All written requisitions must include the following minimum information: full patient name and medical record number. Additionally, Transfusion Medicine Service specimens and requisitions must have the signature of the person collecting the blood and the date the specimen was drawn. The information on the sample label and on the requisition must match exactly. A second signature is required on all Transfusion Service requirements verifying patient identifiers.

Samples not meeting the labeling requirements will not be processed. Approval to run the test may be granted by the ordering physician and the Clinical Pathology resident on-call in extraordinary circumstances.

Additional information needed for proper processing of samples is: test name, time and date of collection and source when appropriate.

Off-hill physicians who do not have access to OHSU electronic order entry systems should use the laboratory downtime form.  If this is unavailable for some reason, requests may be submitted on the OHSU reference lab requisition; or physician office letterhead with complete patient information, including name, DOB (patient must register with OHSU at 503 494-8505, ICD9 codes, tests requested, physician name and signature and physician contact information.