Hatfield Lab Services - Core Lab, Transfusion Service, Specimen Processing

The Hatfield Lab is a highly automated, high volume laboratory providing STAT and routine testing including Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Transfusion Services, limited Microbiology, and specimen accessioning, processing, and send-outs. The lab is staffed 24 hours a day and is reached by calling Client Services at 503-494-7383.


Tests available as EXTREME EMERGENCY with in-lab turnaround time (TAT) of 10-15 minutes.

Blood gases                                 Whole blood NA,K
Ionized calcium                            Whole blood hemoglobin
Whole blood glucose                  Prothrombin time, PT (INR)
Ordering department should call laboratory as well as enter orders into EPIC for all EE orders.

URGENT tests, 24 hrs/7 days, with in-lab TAT of 60 minutes:
All other hematology, coagulation, chemistry tests and urine dipstick.

URGENT tests, 24 hrs/7 days, with in-lab TAT of 60 minutes, with verbal notification:
All urine chemistries - See individual tests for specimen requirements.


The Transfusion Service provides blood, components, products and services.  The Transfusion Service Medical Director serves as the liaison between the Transfusion Service and the hospital medical staff and is responsible for ensuring the safety, quality, purity, potency and effectiveness of all transfused products. Transfusion Medicine faculty are available for consultation on a 24 hour basis with assistance from members of the Pathology Residency Program

Transfusion Service Laboratory, phone 503 494-8537; FAX: 503-494-4144
Medical Director: Mick Scanlan, M.D., phone: 503 494-9082, pager: 15231
Manager, Jack Hager, M.S., MT (ASCP), SBB phone 503 494-9491


The Hatfield Lab is the primary receiving and billing area for clinical labs. In addition, many research studies are received, ordered and processed through this site. Lab specimen processing functions ensure that the specimen integrity is maintained by: checking to be sure the order is correct, the specimen is in the proper container, and the label is visible. The testing is then ordered, information on source is entered into the record, and all forms documented and signatures checked as necessary. A new automated processing line allows some samples to be loaded directly into testing equipment. Other samples are prepared by staff for transport to the testing labs on site, other campus locations, or for shipping to many reference labs across the United States.

Client Services staff answers the lab information line, handles questions from providers, assists with obtaining results and helps problem solve issues dealing with specimen processing and billing and resulting.